Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wii-ndows Media Player

Wii-ndows Media Player is a project that binds wiimote with the laptop and then controls the Windows Media Player with in it.

The project is based on 3 parts
1) Wiimote Library (Created by anonymus)
2) Windows Media Player Control Library Created By Myself
3) The Windows Interface that gets data from the Wii and sends it to the WMP

It has 2 known problems, they basicly are in the Interop of the Windows Media Player.
1) Fast Forward Skips other than actually fast forwarding. (Could be trouble in the media part of the project)
2) Play/Pause, if paused you cant play again, it stops and skips to the next song. (Problem is from sending the command to WMP by the dll)

You can download the Project from HERE Created in (VS-2008)

I would like to thank
Johnny Chung Lee for the great blog that helped me a lot in understanding HIC and how to use the wiimote for it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Welcome to Yousef'f Blog

Hi there everyone! Welcome to my Blog, You will find here Lots of Technical support on many things especially Microsoft Technology.
Starting off to help students of COP here is some links that can help you in the .NET COP, These are start off links so that you start learning.